Feb 2, 2018

The legendary Japanese Monchhichi stuffed toys make comeback as 3D animation TV series and toys. If you grew up like me in the 70s, you likely owned a Monchhichi stuffed toy. I had one. Today I ran into two giant Monchhichi and a brand new series of Monchhichi toys that will be released in Spring of 2018.

Monchhichi was first released in 1974 by Japanese Sekiguchi Corporation. Mattel licensed Monchhichi for the United States until 1985. Now the super cute Monchhichi will be introduced to today's generation of kids in form of a 3D animated TV series. Chinese Silverlit is the master toy licensee of this CGI animation with an array of collectible Monchhichi figurines and playsets.
The new Monchhichi animated TV series is produced by Technicolor Animation Productions, known for their work on Nickelodeon's Alvinnn!!! and the Chipmunks series.

The story of the Monchhichi animated series goes like this: The Monchhichi’s are a community of brave and equally cute friends. These big-hearted little creatures have built their houses in harmony with the majestic Dream Tree. Every day, they have lots of fun, work hard and always look after the Tree and each other. Their mission in life is to act as ‘sleep custodians’; creating dreams for children across the world. However, their task is not always easy. They must tread carefully for there are some who wish to keep the dreams for themselves. With gut and willpower, the Monchhichi always triumph in the end through creativity, teamwork and of course; a little help from some friends.