Sixteen South is partnering with China’s Tencent, France Télévisions and Technicolor Animation Productions for The Coop Troop

Sixteen South is partnering with China’s Tencent, France Télévisions and Technicolor Animation Productions for The Coop Troop

June 16 2021

The 52 x 11-minute animated comedy, for children ages 6-9, was co-created by Colin Williams of Sixteen South and the children’s author and illustrator Alex T. Smith. It is expected to be delivered in Spring 2022, with production taking place across Northern Ireland, France and China, and the show to air on France Télévisions and as a Tencent Video original on Tencent Kids in China.

Sixteen South Rights is managing the global distribution rights for the series outside of France and China.

The series follows a gang of five unlikely heroes: hyperactive rabbit Maggie, eccentric inventor Flo the chicken, bon vivant pig Clive, excitable yet insecure lamb Billy and enigmatic egg Jo d’Oeuf. Desperate to escape their mundane farm life, the team will help any animal with any problem.

When their red telephone rings, somebody needs help, so the Troop set off in their ingeniously – if haphazardly – modified chicken Coop to provide it. No matter how simple the problem, The Coop Troop will always come up with a way to solve it – usually in the most roundabout, over-the-top way possible, resulting in an escalating comedy of ridiculous events as each mission snowballs out of control. As they frantically try to get things back on track they attract more chaos at every turn – but with The Coop Troop, satisfaction is always (eventually) guaranteed!

“International co-production is an important part of Tencent Kids’ strategy and we are thrilled with the results of our partnership with Sixteen South,” said Selina She, Director of Kids’ IP Development & Programming Center at Tencent Video. “The Coop Troop will not only hugely entertain our audience, but also show how with friendship and teamwork you can solve any problem. We can’t wait to introduce it to the world at Annecy.”

Sandrine Nguyen, Producer at Technicolor, said, “We are very excited to collaborate with Sixteen South and Tencent on this wildly funny and appealing series. Our loveable bunch of heroes have their flaws but as a team they work through them to emerge stronger, which is a valuable lesson for today’s kids and one that will resonate globally.”

“France Télévisions is proud to welcome The Coop Troop on board the Okoo Family. With their positive attitude, humor and goodwill, there is no doubt this wild bunch will appeal to our audience of 6 to 9 year-old girls and boys!” added Pierre Siracusa, Director, Animation, Youth and Education for the pubcaster.