26 x 26’ | Digital 2D | Kids & Family

2D Animated Comedy Series

The Legendaries follows a courageous, invincible cast of characters who have become children again!

While battling the dreadful warlock, Darkhell, in his evil attempts to conquer the world, the Legendaries accidentally break the Jovénia Stone, which grants everyone eternal youth. Now they’re 12 years old again, and struggling to defeat Darkhell to restore balance to the world.

Key Facts

  • The LEGENDARIES (Delcourt) comic books sold more than 2 million copies. This is the second top-selling comic book in 2011, between Tintin and Asterix.The 14th album was the best-selling book.
  • The series spin-off entitled THE LEGENDARIES ORIGINS, sold more than 100 000 copies right from its release
  • Some novelizations were edited in the « Bibliothèque verte » and were best-sellers in this category.
  • Today, the official website of the series counted over 4 million visitors
  • The comic book has been awarded the Youth trophee, at Angouleme’s Festival in 2013

Production Partners

Technicolor Animation Productions


PGS Entertainment
Contact: Philippe Soutter


CANAL J TF1 channel 8 kidzone 24 ouftivi Radio Canada Tele Quebec Unidisc Vrt