52x11’ | 3D H.D | Upper Preschool

CG Animated Pre-School TV Series

Once upon a time, Gus, there was a little boy who wanted to become a great knight. Sorry, not a great knight... The Greatest knight in the whole kingdom of Karamel. Wielding with his laser sword, mounted on his electric pony, Gus never misses an opportunity to go on an adventure to accomplish all his missions.

The problem is, Gus is... ITSY BITSY! He stands three apples high, to be precise, but has a heart the size of a house! Gus will prove to one and all that a brave heart can overcome everything, and that there’s no greater cavalier than Gus, the itsy bitsy knight!

Upbeat, funny, modern, vibrant and heartwarming, Gus, the itsy bitsy knight dusts the cobwebs off the fairytale genre! The anachronisms and clash of codes between today’s world and the Medieval setting are the very DNA of the show and they will imbue the stories (ALT) episodes with a lot of freshness and humor while the fantastic, wacky world of the Karamel Kingdom and the heroes’ crazy ideas will give free reign to all manner of visual gags. But Gus, the itsy-bitsy knight is also an adventure show! The heroic quests embarked upon by our tender-hearted little friend will be packed with action and twists galore.


- Produced by Technicolor Animation Productions and based on a pubishing created by Dankerleroux and Françoise de Guibert for Gulf Stream Éditeur, "Gus, le Chevalier Minus";
- New comedy and adventure series, aimed at children aged 4 to 7 years old in 52 episodes of 11 minutes;


Technicolor Animation Productions


PGS Entertainment
Contact : Philippe Soutter